Corona Virus


Unfortunately, information about the Corona Virus is gradually coming to us. We will keep you informed of all the news through this page.







03/17/2020 - The 7Hotel & Spa closes its doors

Due to the recent development of COVID-19 and its implications, we regret to announce that the 7Hotel & Spa closes its doors until April 30, 2020.

It is with sadness that we must close our establishment, indeed, it is important that each person takes the maximum precaution so as not to help the virus to spread. We must all be united and responsible in this ordeal. Take care of yourself, your loved ones and your family.

We will be there from May, to welcome you again at the 7Hotel & Spa.

Thus, our travelers can still book stays from May 1st. You can also contact us on our email address: for more information or to book your next night, day spa or dinner!


See you soon, The 7Hotel&Spa team.


All reservations can be postponed free of charge.


03/14/2020 - The 7Hotel&Spa remains open

In view of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe's speech on 03/14/2020, the 7Hotel & Spa remains open. Our travellers will still be able to sleep in our establishment.
However, we must close our restaurant, spa and bar until further notice. Breakfasts will always be prepared but will be consumed in your room.
Our partner, Fit'n Well, is also closed until further notice.

Regarding breakfasts, customers can go down to the room provided for this purpose in order to make their choice. Once this is done, travellers will have to go back to their room to have breakfast.

As the restaurant is closed, an offer of light meals will be set up for lunches and dinners with room service. Following the order by phone, our employees will bring the meal to the room. They will knock on the bedroom door and then leave the tray on the floor to limit contact.

All reservations can be postponed free of charge.

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